Thursday, August 5, 2010

Resident Evil Comic Page

I created this for a friend's blog I'm part of called Sketch 2 Death. It's supposed to be a piece that is derived from a childhood memory, and the only thing I could think of is the absurd amount of video games that my older brother and I played. One of our favorites was Resident Evil, so I created this comic page of Jill Valentine running into a Crimson Head in one of the poorly lit hall ways of the infamous Raccoon City Mansion. Thankfully she is saved by none other than Mr. Zombie Killer himself Chris Redfield. This was great PS practice and I loved the subject. Back in the old games, the camera was always positioned behind a potted plant so you couldn't see the blood soaked zombies stumble towards you (and you didn't have enough bullets to kill them anyway) ('''(;,,,,,;)''')

My comp and first version, I ended up changing it because I felt I could create a more dynamic last panel.

The finished page, with a redone last panel.

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