Friday, August 6, 2010

Landscape painitng

I'm aware that landscapes and I have never gotten along very well, but change is a coming! I need to expand my skill set and stop being such a chuss about when it comes to things that don't agree with me. This was created in PS and the clouds are all painted ,with a bit of photo texture on the ground and with a hint of lens flare YAY LENS FLARES! I was hoping to put some weird furry desert animals being ridden by heavy clothed nomads in the foreground, but that will come later I suppose.


  1. I had really hoped that horrible word would die out with graduation. Looks good though, man.

  2. This turned out good, I wouldn't think you were fighting tooth and nail lol. Kudos. Cassandra saw it from the couch and though it was a photo. Great lighting.