Thursday, January 22, 2009


This was done from a fairly old drawing I did when I was pumped for the 300 movie. I then went back and vectorized it.

close up

High Flyer

Another vector piece with some tweaking done in photoshop.

close up

Friday, January 2, 2009

Big Idea, Bigger Smile

Hooray! for another vector piece, I don't get to do these as much as I'd like.

Spray & Rusch

Two characters I did for my illustrative drawing class. Spray is a graffiti artist with a painted octopus friend named Tag. While Rusch is a adrenaline junkie that loves hover boarding and parkour.

Choke Book Cover

A cover design that I did for a great book by Chuck Palahniuk called Choke. I decided on this design with a large mouth choking on all the these filthy objects. It might seem a little vulgar but if you read the book you'll understand the obscenities.


Just some sketches of creepy things that I did mostly during topics in animation and comics class.

Character Designs