Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My first post/Spectrum 15

Crazy Alien

I am finally getting my art up online, so this is basically my online portfolio. But I am always looking for constructive critiques so please don't hold back on comments. This piece shown above is the piece I believe that made it into spectrum 15, for those of you who don't know what Spectrum is, it's a national competion for fantasy art and is published anually. You can check it out at But I haven't gotten word yet, what piece actually got in because I entered two but they only let you know that you got in, not what you got in, so I'm figuring it's this one.
Oh yeah this was done in Freehand MX a vector program thats now obsolete thanks to Adobe Illustrator just because they wanted to get their hands on Flash.

Cruel Intent

This was the other piece i submitted into Spectrum. Basically I wanted to incorporate a figure with three random visuals, and this was the end result.

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  1. this is just so awesome. I saw this on a poster at school. so jealous.
    - apologies for the note from a stranger.